About Me

My name is Emily Mackenzie and I am a qualified baby massage and yoga instructor.

I was born and raised in the Lake District and after studying at Bath University I moved to London. I spent the first few years of my career becoming the Operations Manager for a lovely British Skincare company called Aurelia. (They have now launched a beautiful baby’s range which you must check out here!

Although I loved my time at Aurelia, I had a need to help others in a more hands on way. I therefore decided to retrain as a Midwife – something that I had wanted to do since a little girl.

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After the first year of training, I realised that midwifery was just not for me. I still believe that I gained invaluable experience from my training and will always respect all those amazing midwives! 

I knew that I still wanted to work with mums and babies and after time on the post-natal ward I was exposed to other services available. Baby massage was one that really stuck out as it can benefit both poorly and well babies as well as their parents. I therefore decided to train as a Baby Massage Instructor. I also trained as a Baby Yoga instructor as the course not only complements baby massage but provides additional benefits and a slightly more active option.  The courses that I offer are accredited by The Royal College of Midwives, to ensure that the principles of baby massage and yoga are correctly taught. 

I absolutely love what I do now and I have always been happiest when working with babies and young children. I spent time volunteering at Great Ormond Street, I taught a nursery class in Africa and I spent a couple of months in a Thai foster home as the soul carer for two disabled babies – Amy and Valentine. It was here that I truly learnt the importance of touch and the remarkable effect it can have on not just the physical but emotional development of children. 


Valentine was a little boy who was abandoned by his alcoholic mother. When he was found, Doctors were unsure of the extent of damage the abuse and neglect had had on his mental and physical health. He was very malnourished and getting him to eat was very difficult and appeared to cause him immense pain. He was also very nervous and had clearly missed out on being loved. Over my time with Valentine, I used baby massage techniques to help with his muscle tone, digestive problems and to help him understand that he was loved. Valentine’s weight increased as did his smiles! I kept in contact with the foster home after I left and Valentine has grown into a very smiley, happy boy.  I was so thrilled to hear that he had been adopted earlier this year.

If you decide to attend any of my massage or yoga courses you will meet my baby (doll) who I demonstrate all the strokes or movements - I have named him after Valentine!