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Emily Mackenzie, a Sleep & Routine Consultant and qualified Baby Yoga & Baby Massage Instructor, accredited by The Royal College of Midwives offers a variety of baby-led services across London.

These include Baby Yoga & Massage courses, Sleep Consulting & Routine Advice and a Mummy’s Help Service. Take a look around the website to see how we can help and don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

About Me

My name is Emily Mackenzie - I am a Sleep Consultant, Routine Advisor, qualified baby massage & yoga instructor and pretty much obsessed by all things baby!


I was born and raised in the Lake District and after studying at Bath University I moved to London. I spent the first few years of my career becoming the Operations Manager for a lovely British Skincare company called Aurelia. (They have now launched a beautiful baby’s range which you must check out here!

Although I loved my time at Aurelia, I had a need to help others in a more hands on way. I therefore decided to retrain as a Midwife – something that I had wanted to do since a little girl. After the first year of training, I realised that midwifery was just not for me. I still believe that I gained invaluable experience from my training and will always respect all those amazing midwives! 

I knew that I still wanted to work with mums and babies and after time on the post-natal ward I was exposed to other services available. Baby massage was one that really stuck out as it can benefit both poorly and well babies as well as their parents. I therefore decided to train as a Baby Massage Instructor. I also trained as a Baby Yoga instructor as the course not only complements baby massage but provides additional benefits and a slightly more active option.  The courses that I offer are accredited by The Royal College of Midwives, to ensure that the principles of baby massage and yoga are correctly taught. 


After running baby massage & yoga courses over London and becoming a nanny, I decided to train in Paediatric Sleep OCN 4. I love working with families to help create routines that suit them. I have knowledge of many different sleep techniques and my aim is to work with each family to use the strategies that work best for them and their baby or child.

I absolutely love what I do now and I have always been happiest when working with babies and young children. I have been a nanny for three years, spent time volunteering at Great Ormond Street, I taught a nursery class in Africa and I spent a couple of months in a Thai foster home as the soul carer for two disabled babies.

I hope that you find all you need to know from my website or social media pages, but if you would like any more information then please get in touch.

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