How the classes work:

Both my Baby Yoga & Massage sessions are run on a friendly and informal basis, giving you the opportunity to learn the principles of baby yoga or massage in a relaxed and sociable environment. I run both group and private sessions in yoga and massage.

My Baby Massage sessions have been developed as a comprehensive programme designed to introduce both you and your baby to the basic principles of baby massage in a clear, consistent and easy to follow fashion. The sessions are run on a weekly basis over 2 to 4 weeks to allow you ample time to practice and perfect the techniques in the privacy of your own home. Each session runs for approximately 45 minutes with a chance to socialise with other parents during the session. 

Baby Yoga is can be ran as courses or drop in sessions as each week is different. If required, I split the classes into beginner's and advanced baby yoga exercises depending on your baby's age and ability. I encourage all babies to start with the beginner’s exercises and once they have succeeded in the easier poses they can progress into the advanced poses.

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Baby always comes first:

At Baby Glo London your baby always comes first. Whether your child needs feeding, changing or whether they are unsettled, their needs will always come first and we readily embrace this during our sessions.

We never forget that all new mums are in the same boat and that our children don’t always operate to our timetables – much as we’d like them to sometimes. So remember there is no pressure and we never judge...

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Who can do baby yoga & massage?

Baby Massage is suitable for newborn babies up until any age. (Although as some baby's get older they may not want to lie on their backs for 45 minutes!) I try to run classes with babies of similar ages.  If you feel that your baby is too old for baby massage, then my baby yoga classes offer a great progression to facilitate their development and help your Baby Glo! 

To participate in Baby Yoga your baby must have had their 8 week doctor checks. If your baby is younger than 8 weeks then why not try baby massage until your baby is a little older. 

If your baby has any pre-existing medical conditions you must seek advice and approval from a health practitioner before attending any sessions. Please note that I will ask all parents / carers to complete a short medical questionnaire and sign a disclaimer before taking part in any baby massage classes. 

I very much welcome premature babies and believe that baby massage is very beneficial. However, please seek medical approval from your health practitioner first and only attend once they have reached their expected birth date as the massage may be too stimulating before this time. 

Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Nannies and Carers are all welcome to participate in baby massage. I do ask that the same person completes the entire massage during one session. If you bring someone else to the class they are more than welcome to watch or I can provide a doll for them to practice the strokes on.