baby massage Group | Babies aged 7-9 weeks

"Emily was very friendly, calm and patient, even when all babies were screaming together! Her easy manner made the classes relaxing and the take home instructions allowed me to get the most out of the lessons, especially when I could not participate one day." - Candace

"It was amazing how much Ace loved his massage. I give hime one every night after his bath." - Tess

"Great sessions - learnt a lot and baby seemed to benefit from them - thanks!" - Rebecca

"Classes were fun - nice to learn a new skill with the babies. The babies always come first in Emily's sessions which is great as they don't always follow the schedule! Social side is also great!" - Anna


Baby yoga | baby aged 5 months

"Emily is just lovely and great with the babies.

Baby Yoga really helped with my baby's flexibility too!"



Baby yoga | baby aged 5 months

"Really lovely class that both baby and I enjoyed. Good length of class and good movements which we could do at home. 

We practiced the movements before bedtime and it helped my baby sleep. 

Great for bonding and relaxing."



Baby massage | baby aged 8 weeks

"Emily delivered our sessions perfectly - calm, flexible and informative! It was great - easy, fun and calm. We love to do massage after bath time!"


Baby massage | baby aged 3 months

"Very relaxing for Mum as well as baby. Lovely bonding session with my baby."


Baby massage | baby aged 9 weeks

"Emily has the most calm and relaxing approach and my baby loved the massage. We would love to do it again." 


Baby massage | baby aged 8 weeks

"Such a lovely thing to do with your baby!"